Important clinical trials come to Scranton

Clinical trials are often a big step when researchers are looking to identify the best course of treatment for an illness, and that is no more true than for Alzheimer's disease. The Times-Tribune reports that scientists in Northeast Pennsylvania are gearing up to lead two trials in the fall and winter that may provide some effective treatment for the mental illness.

The two drugs that are slated to be tested are one that targets tau protein buildup on the brain, and another that stimulates a receptor to improve memory.

Important clinical trials come to Scranton According to the news source, trials for drugs that can treat Alzheimer's are a relatively new endeavor, and experts say that they are especially uncommon in areas like Scranton, Pennsylvania.

"Most people who want to participate in a clinical trial like this have to go to New York City or Philadelphia," geriatrician Dr Mario Cornacchione told the news source. "Because we have an elderly population in this area, we actively went looking for opportunities."

Any advancements in treatment options for Alzheimer's disease are a large step forward in the fight against the mental illness. The Alzheimer's Association reports that around 5.3 million people suffer from the disease.

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