Canadian seniors make big contributions to community

Residents in Trail, British Columbia, may have noticed a growing number of improvements in their town. The Vancouver Sun reports that what they might not know is that many of the projects are being led by senior citizens.

One of the most recent updates has been an airport which began construction seven years ago when many in the areas felt the need for increased commercial attractions. The project was started by then-72-year-old Don Nutini and now the travel hub, which services 2,000 passengers a month, is operated by six volunteers - all of whom are retired.

According to the news source, many of the infrastructure renovations around town have also been completed by senior citizens.

Canadian seniors make big contributions to community 78-year-old Leo Ganzini worked on a stone garden in 2006 and enjoyed the process.

"There's no money, but a lot of jokes and a lot of fun," Ganzini told the news source. "I love to do jobs that are a challenge,"

Although the older adults in Trail are using their volunteer projects as a creative way to stay physically active, there are other ways for seniors to remain fit. According to the Centers for Disease Control, adults over the age of 50 should strive for 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.


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