Massachusetts retirement community staying local for food

There has been a growing emphasis on eating locally over the last several years, and according to The Standard-Times, the trend is extending to a retirement living community in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

The community, called Autumn Glenn, works with a number of locally-operated food purveyors. The news source reports that they go a market in New Bedford for seafood, a farm in Westport for produce and a pair of different orchards to supply the establishment with fruit.

Many of the center's 57 residents enjoy the fresh food, the community's chef Susan Caldeira says.

Massachusetts retirement community staying local for food Executive director Lois Spirlet said the healthy lifestyle has extended to their daily activities as well, and the grounds includes a blueberry patch and a small cranberry bog.

"We had a little herb garden in the summer, and we don't use salt," Spirlet told the news source.

According to, a good diet is a crucial component of healthy living for older adults. Experts recommend eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, as they have been shown to prevent the onset of cancer and Alzheimer's disease

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