Service in North Dakota provides rides, meals to elderly residents

The United Way in North Dakota is helping a local group provide a unique service to elderly residents who would like to maintain their independence. The Dickinson Press reports that many older adults are making use of the organization's programs that provides them with already-cooked meals.

According to the news source, the program, which is called Eldercare, is designed for individuals over 60 who are looking to prevent having to forfeit their independent lifestyle.

Service in North Dakota provides rides, meals to elderly residents One user of Eldercare, 93-year-old Frank Kubik, told the news provider that he never had to cook meals before his wife passed away, so the service is especially beneficial to him.

Executive director of the group, Colleen Rodakowski, added that they have been providing an increasing number of elderly residents with public transportation as well.

"Last month, we took 3,835 trips with a total of 4,148 passengers," she told the news provider. "August was the second highest month of the year. March was the highest."

According to the Administration on Aging (AOA), such services are especially beneficial because many older adults are inactive or disabled. The AOA reports that in 2008, 38 percent of people over the age of 65 claimed to have some type of disability.

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