Assisted living discussion an important one between family members

Despite the fact that it may be an unwelcome discussion, children and parents who prepare for eldercare ahead of time can make the transition much easier when the time comes. The Patriot-News reports that topics such as finances, housing and medical care should all be talked about so when a crisis occurs, there is no panic.

One of the most important decisions that children of aging parents struggle with is what kind of options there will be for retirement living.

Assisted living discussion an important one between family members According to the news source, such was the dilemma for Joan Dorko, whose 97-year-old mother had to abandon her long-time home. Although she did not want to leave, a frank discussion made the process easier.

"We discussed moving closer to family with my mother, and after some research and thought, she accepted the idea," Dorko told the news provider.

With a growing aging population expected to reach about 72.1 million individuals in the United States by 2030, children should be sure to be educated about the assisted living process. According to the National Center for Assisted Living, around 900,000 individuals currently live in assisted living facilities.

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