Research yields encouraging results about Alzheimer's blood test

The results of new research published in the journal Archives of Neurology suggests that scientists may have discovered a blood test that can accurately identify patients who have Alzheimer's disease. Medical News Today reports that the results of the study show that the test has the ability to identify biomarkers in blood serum.

According to the news source, the results are especially promising for those looking for new, easier ways to test for the disease.

Research yields encouraging results about Alzheimer's blood test Up until now, many patients had to undergo painful lumbar punctures to look for the disease, but many others may be more willing to undergo a relatively painless blood test.

"In addition to offering more accessible, rapid and cost- and time-effective methods for assessment, biomarkers (or panels of biomarkers) also hold great potential for the identification of endophenotypes within Alzheimer's disease populations that are associated with particular disease mechanisms," the authors of the study said.

A simpler method to test for the mental illness could be important in the coming years as the number of those with Alzheimer's is expected to grow with the burgeoning older population. The Texas Alzheimer's Research Consortium reports that by 2030 there will be an estimated 7.7 million people with the disease.

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