Remember Your Future

I once attended a seminar given by Alan Seale, a leadership and transformation coach. During the workshop, Alan taught us his take on how to manifest our goals and dreams.

One tip he suggested was to Remember the future. Sounds like a oxymoron, doesn't it? How can we have a memory of an event that has yet to occur?

The more I gave thought to this, the more I thought: What a cool idea. When you remember the future, you focus on the outcomes of an event or experience how you will feel, how you will act, what you will create. Remembering the future takes you out of the present fear and worry and opens the opportunities to feel good.

In your caregiving role, you can remember the future. Remembering the future is a way of writing your caregiving story. You truly have the power to end the story your way. Some ways you may remember the future:

  • After my caregiving role ended, my siblings and I found peace with each other.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I understood my care recipient so much better. Understanding my care recipient means I understand myself that much better.
  • I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, grow and forgive.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I gave myself the time I needed to regroup. During that time of healing, I took care of myself so that I could make the most of the next phase in my life. Caregiving gives clarity. I now have the focus I want to create the life I deserve.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I knew my care recipient felt wrapped in love. And, I felt blessed that we both managed our experience together to the best of our abilities.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I could find comfort in the knowing I always did the best I could. No matter what obstacle, challenge or problem, I focused on doing the best I could. And, more importantly, I forgave myself along the way.
  • When my caregiving ended, I felt great about the strong, loving, focused person I became. While not easy, my caregiving experience helped me become the best I am today.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I started the business I long dreamed of. Now, I am a successful business owner making a difference in the world.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I traveled the world. It was wonderful.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I was blessed to be in great shape. I had decided my health was a priority so to take care to eat right and exercise. Now that Im healthy, I find myself living life at a different level.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I missed my care recipient very much. I did my best every day to live a good life. I had good days and bad days. I was gentle with myself as I found my new footing. I leaned on my support system, which helped me find my way. I am now in a better place than I ever thought possible.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I found ways to honor my care recipients memory on a regular basis. I miss my care recipient dearly, but am comforted by the rituals which keep loving memories close to my heart.
  • When my caregiving role ended, I thought for sure that caregiving would get the best of me. But, it didn't. I took the good from the experience in order to make my life better. I am surrounded by riches and blessings greater than my imagination.

Some questions to ask yourself to bring that future closer to you.

After caregiving ends for you, consider:
What will be your proudest moments?
How did you express your feelings for and about your care recipient?
How did your life change for the better?
How did your relationships change for the better?
Which lifelong dream came true for you?
Feel it, believe it, see it. This is the vision to reflect on during your dark moments. Remembering your future brings comfort to your today.