Afghan Sweaters Created With Love

Throughout her life, Mother has been a very hardworking woman, inside and outside the home. She seldom takes time for herself. When I was a child I recall she occasionally traded in the dust rag for her gold crochet hook and beautiful shades of wool. Her rough calloused hands created cozy afghan sweaters that warmed her family on cold winter nights and made us feel loved when wrapped inside.

Despite poor eyesight, Mother continued her gift throughout the years. During the holiday season, she crocheted lap blankets for nursing home residents. The residents showed joy and happiness; it might be the only gift they received.

There came a time when each afghan began to take longer and longer for Mother to complete. She was unable to produce the large amount she had. One day, Mother received a phone call. Her church group said its team of volunteers was dwindling and it would be unable to continue the gift-giving to the nursing home. Mother's face showed a pain that I pray to never see again. I decided to utilize the lifelong skills that Mother had taught me and we devoted happy afternoons chatting and crocheting afghans sweaters created with love. Help was offered by a friend who heard our story and the holiday visit to the nursing home will continue.

I still wrap myself in afghans created with Mother's love. I think of other smiling faces who have received blankets. I am proud to be a part of their history. Despite her pains, Mother can pull a piece of string through the hook of her crochet needle and fashion an inspirational and beautiful result. She is in her nineties but is still giving joy to so many through these gifts.

I am lucky Mother has created so many of these treasures for me. We place them on the backs of chairs and at the foot of beds. I will be wrapped in Mother's love and the thoughts of our crocheting afternoons after she departs this world.