Healthy diet may prevent Alzheimer's Disease

It looks like maintaining a healthy diet may be beneficial for one's mental health as well as physical.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Temple University School of Medicine, certain foods may prevent the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

The scientists' data was collected after feeding a group of mice a diet rich in Methionine, a sulfur-based amino acid that is found in eggs, red meat and seeds.

Healthy diet may prevent Alzheimer's Disease After switching the rodents to healthier eating patterns, the team discovered that their cognitive impairment was reversed.

"What it tells us is that the brain has this plasticity to reverse a lot of the bad things that have occurred - the ability to recoup a lot of things such as memory that were apparently lost, but obviously not totally lost," Domenico Praticò, lead researcher of the study, told the news outlet.

Seniors who believe they may be in need of Alzheimer's care should make sure to check in with their primary care physician. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of the illness include memory loss, problems with abstract thinking and personality changes.

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