Fountain of Youth steroids could prevent heart disease

The fountain of youth may be an enigma, but it looks like an over-the-counter anti-aging supplement may hold the key to preventing heart disease for retirement living seniors.

Researchers at the University of Leeds have currently discovered that pregnenolone sulphate, which is found in vitamins that claim to boost memory, energy and vision, also blocks the protein that causes heart disease.

"If we can show that this effect works in people as well as in lab-based studies, then it could be a cost-effective approach to addressing cardiovascular health problems that are becoming epidemic in our society and world-wide," said Professor David Beech, who led the study.

Heart disease is currently the number one cause of death in the United States, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Fountain of Youth steroids could prevent heart disease Around 1.2 million people currently suffer from the illness.

However, retirement living seniors shouldn't discount traditional prevention methods, such as diet and exercise. In fact, researchers maintained that when combined with these activities, the results were dramatic.

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