Age is just a number for today's baby boomers

Although some seniors have shunned cell phones and modern technology, others are bracing it. And it looks like these trends are influencing the way assisted living facilities market their services.

According to The Whittier Daily News, activities such as acting classes and marathon training are beating out the usual hobbies of television and shuffleboard.

Age is just a number for today's baby boomers These changes are due to one specific group of people - baby boomers.

"They want choices, they are much more savvy electronically. They want internet access," Karole Cooney, director of sales and marketing for an assisted living facility, told the news source.

Baby boomers, the term given to the generation of people born after World War II, are now in their retirement living years. The news source reports these individuals, who were raised with a whole different set of values and individuality, may make a strong impact on assisted living homes and the services they offer.

"Just the word 'senior' upsets baby boomers," Akila Gibbs, executive director of the Pasadena Senior Center, told the news outlet.

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