Active living seniors gather for 90s-plus club

Living beyond one's octogenarian years has its benefits, and for a number of seniors in an assisted living facility in West Covina, California, that includes an exclusive membership to a prestigious club.

According to, the West Covina Senior Citizen Center recently honored 32 of its residents who are part of their "90s plus crowd." The group celebrated their birthdays together with festivities that included great food, singing and dancing.

"It's a great satisfaction to live this long," Paul Honercoderre, who attended the party with Bertha, his wife of 69 years, told the news source.

Active living seniors gather for 90s-plus club "And even more so to meet people who have lived just as long."

Honercoderre credits his longevity to his active lifestyle. The retirement living senior has a son, a daughter, as well as four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

"I'm busy all the time watering my plants, taking care of my fish and pigeons," he told the news source.

According to USA Today, experts advise those looking to increase their lifespan to maintain a healthy body weight, keep their mind active and participate in a regular fitness routine.

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