Florida Senate nominee wants to raise retirement age

Some active living seniors put off their retirement until they're well into their 70s or 80s, but some Floridians may soon not have choice in the matter.

Senate GOP candidate Marco Rubio is proposing to raise the age of retirement to 70 years old, according to The Associated Press.

"It's just going to have to be reformed because if left to its current status then it bankrupts itself and then it bankrupts America," Rubio told the news source.

Florida Senate nominee wants to raise retirement age

His agenda has angered many citizens of the Sunshine State, where scores of retirement living seniors spend their golden years. The news source reports that one in seven people in Florida receives a social security check.

Still, Rubio stands by his goal.

"If the system is now taking in less money than it's paying out, then it's only going to get worse as we have less workers and more retirees," he told the news outlet.

The current age of retirement is between 65 to 67 years old, according to the Social Security Association.

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