ElderChicks.com: A weblog for active living seniors

Active living senior women looking for a place to hear and share stories with like-minded peers now have a blog to add to their favorite links. ElderChicks.com is a web log run by two senior women. It is a place where they share experiences and encourage their readers to write and participate in their website.

"We are part of the fastest growing part of the population: senior women in their retirement years.

ElderChicks.com: A weblog for active living seniors Senior women living in a world most of our mothers and grandmothers didn't imagine, let alone inhabit," reads the front page of the site.

The site is run by Dr Thelma Reese and Dr Barbara Fleisher, both grandmothers with extensive career histories. The site is aimed to help bring older women together on topics such as lifestyle, entertainment and personal stories. A large part of the content on the website comes from other active living seniors who are eager to contribute to the discussion through advice or reflection.

The internet can be an excellent resource for seniors who are looking to connect with other people in their age group. This blog is just one of many sites tailored to active living seniors.

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