Playground a hit with active living seniors

Playgrounds are fun for children who like to run around, enjoy one another's company, and exercise.

With all these wonderful benefits, why not bring them to the adult market as well?

Active living seniors in the London area will now get to try out the idea with the local addition of an adult playground, according to American Public Media.

Playground a hit with active living seniors The activity space is being used as means for helping seniors stay fit and healthy.

"Parks always have children's playgrounds, but there are very few facilities for older people," Maggie Edelson, a senior who uses the grounds in order to squeeze in a daily workout, told the news source.

The playground is located in the infamous Hyde Park, and contains an elliptical machine and stationary bike. The move is being hailed as an alternative to fitness centers and gyms, which can be intimidating for the elder population.

"It's all this firm flesh, and everybody's too young. This is very simple. You just come in, use the equipment, and carry on," Edelson told the news outlet.

According to UK National Statistics, heart disease was the leading cause of death for both men and women in England and Wales in 2005.

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