Active living seniors find laughter through yoga

Yoga may be a wonderful activity, but completing the difficult poses while grinning from ear to ear is often rare.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a group of active living seniors are trying to grin and bear it. The seniors, along with other individuals from the Chicago area, recently gathered to take a session in Laughter Yoga, taught by Indian guru Madan Kataria.

"The feeling of laughing is therapeutic," Adelle Becker, 87, told the news source.

Active living seniors find laughter through yoga "Laughing until your eyes water, it's just fun being in a group, doing the same thing at the same time and just acting like kids when you are in your 80s."

Laugher yoga, otherwise known as Hasyayoga, was created by Jiten Kohi, and has been made popular by Kataria since 1995. The practice aims for the giggles to be contagious amongst participants, which will bring oxygen to the body and brain.

"Learn to be joyful and happiness will follow," Kataria told the news source. "What we lost in the process of growing up we can retrain. Laughter becomes habit when you repeat every day."

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