Jane Fonda planning fitness video for active living seniors

Jane Fonda may be in her golden years, but she doesn't feel it. The active living senior, whose fitness videos were a hit in the 80s and 90s, is currently working on another aerobics DVD.

According to USA Today, the sweat sessions will be geared toward active living seniors and baby boomers.

"I got a new knee and a new hip, but I want to show that, even at 72, with new body parts, you can be fit and healthy," Fonda told the news source.

The active living senior will also be hosting World Fitness Day, which is set to take place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Jane Fonda planning fitness video for active living seniors Fonda will be leading workouts alongside Richard Simmons and Denise Austin.

The actress and fitness guru says she works out between four and five days a week, and uses light weights. Still, the septuagenarian admits there are other factors for feeling young and healthy.

"The more you can understand about who you have been and why, the better able you are to go into your third act armed with what you need," she told the news source.

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