Active living senior honored for humanitarian efforts

While some people may volunteer only when they have time in their schedule, active living senior Juan Ulep took his charitable actions a step further. According to the Democrat Herald, the 80 year old has worked throughout his entire life to help needy families in the United States, Russia and the Philippines.

Ulep's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as the active living senior was named Distinguished Citizen by the Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce.

Active living senior honored for humanitarian efforts The organization, which is located in Sweet Home, Oregon, recently honored Ulep at their annual awards banquet.

"I am proud to be a citizen of this country and of this community," Ulep said at the event.

Still, the octogenarian was quick to give thanks to those who are close to him as well.

"I could not do these things without the help of my wife, my family and my friends. As long as I am breathing, I will continue my passion of helping others," he said.

Active living seniors interested in volunteering have many different options available to them. Individuals search for opportunities in their area to help people in need.

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