Retirement living is possible on any income

Because the state of the economy is still uncertain, many individuals are calling their retirement living plans into question. According to Social Security Association (SSA), the retirement age has risen to 67 for individuals born after 1938.

While most people who work extra years do so to earn more money, the AARP Bulletin reports that retirement living is possible on any income.

Retirement living is possible on any income

The news outlet spoke with several seniors to see how they were handling their finances.

"I monitor my spending. I don't travel much, my wardrobe is antiquated, and my library card has seen lots of action!" Lois Jackson, 66, told the news source.

The news outlet also spoke with other retirement living seniors who are finding ways to save money during their golden years.

"Sure, the coach gets between 6.5 and 8 miles per gallon. But people don't realize that when we travel, we often park it for two or three weeks at a time - it's not like we drive it to work every day," Jerry Shea, who lives in California and drives a motor home, told the news outlet.

Retirement living seniors should remember to plan their golden years accordingly. Seniors can take advantage of countless retirement resources on the web.

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