Active living seniors should prepare to be grandparents

Many retirement living seniors are parents to adult children. Still, some people may look forward to the day they can become grandparents.

Retirement living seniors should prepare carefully for this life-altering event, according to

The news source advises grandparents-to-be to clear time in their schedule for when the baby arrives, because new.

Active living seniors should prepare to be grandparents parents to infants often need help and feel overwhelmed.

However, individuals should check in with their children and their spouses to make sure the timing is right.

"I planned my time to be there later, when my son-in-law went back to work," Jacquelyn Duplantis, 59, a San Antonio grandmother of two, told the news source.

"That way, I could play with the baby and let my daughter get some sleep."

Future grandparents are also advised to embrace their sentimental side. If retirement living seniors feel inclined to talk about their own children or pass the time waiting for the baby by creating a scrapbook, they shouldn't hesitate.

Research suggests that the average age for an individual to become a grandparent is approximately 50 years old. However, active living seniors should remember they can be fantastic grandparents at any age.

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