The Tales behind the China Cabinet Doors

One day I was cleaning my china cabinet and began happily reminiscing on the stories that live behind all the beautiful pieces inside the doors.

The main character is the 12 piece setting of the pink carnation dish set purchased by Mother at the supermarket when I was very young. Every week the store offered a new piece and she faithfully arrived at the display to collect her treasure. They are not fine china, but I felt they were the fanciest plates in the world. In my heart they remain so. A tight budget was very important back then and the arrival of those dishes on the kitchen table brought smiles on many faces.

Beside this lovely set is the deep yellow depression ware cake plate that belonged to Mother's sister. One Sunday we dined at her house and she sent Mother home with leftover cake on the plate. My aunt was very strict about returning her belongings but Mother forgot the plate at home on the next visit. The entire day was spent listening to her sister rant and rave about how she wanted her cake plate back and how she insisted it had been broken. I now hold the plate close to my heart laughing at the memory. It now calls my china cabinet, home.

There are great grandmothers sugar and creamer along with her 100 year old cake plate within the cabinet walls, and the salt and pepper shakers with the matching Parmesan cheese holder, all dressed in a chef outfit that bring back memories of nightly meals. I cannot forget all the 1964/1965 Worlds Fair memorabilia and the fun days we spent when it was held in Queens Flushing Meadows Park.

It is amazing how items can bring back so many fond and wonderful stories. I am very blessed to have these beautiful things to cherish, use, and create memories for generations.

I have known the sadness of dismantling the homes of two very special ladies. Auntie has since passed but her kitchen utensils still bring warmth to me. Mother and I still make memories behind the china cabinet. Materialistic value is unimportant, the memories they represent are superior. Fine china will fade away, but paper plates and cups can hold cherished long-lived reminisces. I thank Mother and her sister for giving me many.