Active living seniors to compete in spelling bee

Active living seniors who excelled at school during their youth may have the chance to prove their spelling skills in their golden years. The AARP has announced they are continuing their annual national spelling bee for senior citizens.

Open to any individual over the age of 50, the AARP National Spelling Bee is held every year at the Little America Hotel and Resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Active living seniors to compete in spelling bee The first place winner will receive $500 as prize money while second place winner will be awarded $300 and the contestant who comes in third will receive $200.

The AARP website says that participants will "meet like-minded people" while they test their "orthographic skills against some of the best spellers in the nation."

The organization also recommends active living seniors who are interested in competing should brush up on their spelling skills. Individuals could accomplish this by playing challenging word games or completing crossword puzzles.

Seniors who are involved in the contest may also experience a positive effect on their mental health. According to, completing brain-building exercises such as crossword puzzles is likely to reduce their chances of developing Alzheimer's Disease by up to 70 percent.

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