Active living seniors attend Michigan prom

Many retirement living seniors may look back on their high school dances with fond memories. However, seniors in one part of Michigan have the chance to attend the prom every year.

Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, hosts an annual senior prom, according to an article on the college's website.

Active living seniors attend Michigan prom The event, which attracts students and active living seniors from all over the area, is being dubbed "A Black Tie Affair" this year.

The article states that attendees "are invited to dress to the nines and hit the red carpet in style for a trip back to old-time Hollywood."

The Senior Prom, which is now celebrating its 22nd anniversary, had 500 members of the university and local community attend last year.

The event is seen as a night for college students and seniors to mingle. Swing and big band music is played while many patrons take part in 1940s-style dancing.

Active living seniors should remember that dancing is one of the best forms of exercise. Staying in shape is great for the mind and body.

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