Meditation can improve pain symptoms for active living seniors

Some active living seniors may discover that as they age, pain management becomes an important issue for them. Whether it stems from an old muscle injury or new joint inflammation, unwelcome pain can be a roadblock to living life to the fullest.

A new study by the American Pain Society has revealed that meditation may help many active living seniors with this affliction.

Meditation can improve pain symptoms for active living seniors According to the research, participants who were trained in meditation and later given painful stimuli responded better than those who were not introduced to the activity.

Experts concluded that if anxiety decreases, an individual's ability to control pain may increase. They also assessed that the technique could be a beneficial tool for pain management even if studied for a short period of time.

Active living seniors should remember that if they are enduring painful symptoms, meditation remains one of the easiest and least-costly remedies available to them.

According to the National Library of Medicine, chronic pain is characterized by discomfort that lasts for months or years. This is caused by a variety of illnesses, ranging from arthritis to cancer.

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