Active living senior becomes oldest Camaro buyer on record

Virgil Coffman is a 102-year-old automobile aficionado, who doesn't let his impressive age keep him out of the fast lane.

Coffman, who worked for General Motors for 25 years, has had a love affair with cars throughout his long life. However, his most recent purchase may rank among the most attention-grabbing, according to

The news source reports that when the active living centenarian saw a bright yellow Transformer Camaro with black racing stripes, he wanted the automobile so badly that he paid $38,000 in cash for it on the spot -and simultaneously became the oldest Camaro buyer on record.

Active living senior becomes oldest Camaro buyer on record

So has the purchase made him a hit with the ladies?

"Well, I try to keep my eyes on the road when I drive, but a lot of ladies at church, or when I go somewhere, come up and ask about the car," he told the news provider.

Good vision is essential to being a safe driver. According to the American Optometric Association, adults over the age of 60 should have an annual eye exam to screen their eye health.

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