Active living seniors can go back in time with vinyl records

Active living seniors who held on to their record collection are in luck! Vinyl is coming back, and artists from Bruce Springsteen to The Killers are releasing their new works on the retro format, which has made many music purists very happy.

Those who have fond memories of peeling back the crackling cellophane covers of a new album and dropping the needle of their record player onto the new purchase will be happy to hear that vinyl seems to be making a comeback.

Active living seniors can go back in time with vinyl records

According to AARP, record companies have seen a surge of interest in the formerly obsolete records, which led to an 89 percent increase in sales over the past two years.

"The imperfections of the sound - the low ends - are sonically appealing," Jason Boyd, who oversees vinyl-record production and sales for music giant EMI, told the news source. "CD is most pristine. But vinyl has the warm, full sound of the music. The cracks and the little imperfections that pop up seem to enhance the music. It's a way of experiencing music rather than just consuming it."

Chris Penn, the owner of Good Records music shop in Dallas, Texas, told the Dallas News that he often sells as many vinyl albums as he does CDs.

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