Active living seniors can take the'Dog Whisperer'advice, buy swiffer

Many active living seniors enjoy having a dog. There are few bonds as loving or loyal as the one between a person and their canine friend. Animals also provide constant companionship and an excuse to get out of the house.

However, pets come with many responsibilities, as well. From pet hair on your couch and carpet to chewed up shoes or a littering of dog toys scattered across your floor, active living seniors are faced with extra housework when they commit to a furry friend.

Unfortunately, vacuums or other large appliances might bother dogs, who are very sensitive to loud noises.

Active living seniors can take the 'Dog Whisperer ' advice, buy swiffer For senior pet lovers searching for another way to clean their home, Cesar Millan of the "Dog Whisperer" endorses using less intrusive cleaning equipment like the swiffer sweeper, to clean up pet hair and reduce odors, according to the New York Times.

Active living adults who are considering adopting a new pet might consider getting in touch with a nonprofit organization such as Pets for Seniors, which matches older adults with compatible dogs and cats.

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