Older persons prefer specialist holidays

Recent research conducted by a holiday services provider and a trend forecasting company suggests some older persons now prefer unconventional vacations.

In their report, Travelzest and the Centre for Future Studies say that more and more seniors are now looking for specialist activity holidays such as cooking retreats, sports tourism, cycling vacations and wildlife tours. Some industry experts believe this is because the baby boomer generation is becoming increasingly comfortable using the internet.

"More and more people from the so-called baby boomer generation are beginning to want something a little different and challenging from their holiday adventures," said the spokesperson of a travel insurance company in the UK.

Older persons prefer specialist holidays "Before the internet travel boom, most people would be restricted to what their local travel agent had to offer, whereas the present-day holidaymaker has a virtually unlimited choice."

By the year 2025, more than 33 percent of the UK's population will be over the age of 55, according to the BBC. A survey performed by Sunshine.co.uk revealed that roughly 50 percent of older persons organize their holidays online.

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