Some older persons become depressed as they age

Although many older persons don't experience depression as they age, some individuals find themselves feeling down as they enter retirement living situations.

Depression can be triggered by life changes like entering a retirement home, becoming physically ill or losing a spouse, according to the Irish Times. Family and friends should do their best to monitor the mental health of their elderly loved ones and learn about the signs of depression.

If a senior feels unhappy for two weeks or more, it might be an indication of depression, according to the news source.

Some older persons become depressed as they age Other clues include changes in sleeping and eating habits and easily becoming irritable or anxious.

The Mayo Clinic says depression is one of the most common health problems in the world. Many experts consider the disorder a chronic illness that requires long-term treatment.

"Mild to moderate depression would not always require medication - we would look at things like engagement and increasing physical exercise if possible," Brian Lawlor, a professor of older age psychiatry, told the publication. "And talking about it can sometimes be enough in mild depression."

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