Some seniors dissatisfied with eldercare

Some people in retirement living situations feel they are not receiving the level of care that they need.

George Anter is a 74-year-old retired paper sales executive from Nevada, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Although the H1N1 inoculation has now been available in his town for more than two months, Anter has not yet been vaccinated for the flu because of his age.

"I served my country," Anter told the publication.

Some seniors dissatisfied with eldercare "I enlisted during the Korean War. You don't treat people this way just because they're older."

There is a shortage of the H1N1 vaccine, meaning some doctors are forced to prioritize, according to the news source. Research performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that seniors need the inoculation less than other groups, which may be why people like Anter still haven't gotten the shot.

Health officials say children, pregnant women and emergency medical technicians should be vaccinated first, while individuals over the age of 24 are at a lesser risk. The Mayo Clinic says the H1N1 contains genetic material from human, swine and avian flu viruses.

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