Retirement living study reveals pain may lead to falls

Many elderly people enjoy active living hobbies like walking and other forms of exercise, but such activities can become difficult and sometimes dangerous when seniors develop chronic pain.

The Maintenance of Balance, Independent Living, Intellect and Zest in Elderly study was conducted in Boston, and its results suggest that certain pains can lead to falls, according to the Los Angeles Times.

About 750 men and women, age 70 or older, participated in the study, reports the news source.

Retirement living study reveals pain may lead to falls Roughly 25 percent of these seniors said they regularly felt pain in one joint and 40 percent said they experienced discomfort in two or more. Over the course of the study, more than 1,000 falls were recorded, meaning many seniors fell more than once. Furthermore, the researchers discovered that the individuals with pain in two or more joints were 50 percent more likely to fall than the others.

"The findings provide evidence suggesting that the common complaint of the aches and pains of old age is related to a greater hazard than previously thought," wrote the authors of the study.

The Mayo Clinic says one way seniors can avoid falling is by wearing sensible shoes that feature thick soles and fabric fasteners like Velcro that don't require tying.

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