Flaxseed oil could be good for active living

Many seniors enjoy active living but fear their lifestyles could change if they develop the bone disease osteoporosis.

A report published in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health suggests the risk of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women could be reduced by maintaining a diet that includes flaxseed oil.

Experts at the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt, have been studying the effects of flaxseed oil on bone health.

Flaxseed oil could be good for active living The team examined 70 albino rats, of whom 30 had their ovaries removed in order to simulate the post-menopausal state. The subjects were given the oil and their levels of osteocalcin, a protein that is essential to bone creation, were measured after two months. The scientists concluded that flaxseed oil has a beneficial effect on bone mineral density and could help women reduce their risk of developing osteoporosis.

The Mayo Clinic says that osteoporosis can affect men too. The disease causes bones to become weak and brittle, leaving individuals at risk of a fracture. Breaks will often occur in the spine, hip and wrist.

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