Holidays offer opportunity to improve retirement living

The eldercare management department of a consulting company in Michigan recently released a set of guidelines it claims can help families improve the quality of life of their elderly relatives.

On November 17, Feinberg Consulting, a company based in Farmington Hills, released guidelines that families can use during the upcoming holidays to assess the happiness of their older relatives.

"Holiday get-togethers are a perfect opportunity to evaluate the needs of older adults to improve their quality of life," said company president Pam Feinberg-Rivkin.

Holidays offer opportunity to improve retirement living "There are a few simple but often overlooked signs of possible problems with an elderly family member."

The guidelines are supposed to be able to help families learn about the needs, preferences and finances of their elderly relatives.

The National Institutes of Health website says that unhappiness in seniors can be caused by family changes, chronic pain, immobility, memory loss or a variety of other issues. Transitioning into a retirement living community can also lead to depression in the elderly, as can the loss of a spouse or close friend.

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