Eldercare could improve thanks to insulin research

Research was recently conducted by the University of Oxford and the findings suggest that eldercare for seniors who have diabetes could get better.

Scientists are looking for the best way to combine insulin and other standard drugs in order to best treat elderly people who have type 2 diabetes.

"Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition with the majority of patients eventually requiring insulin therapy," said professor Rury Holman, who led the study.

Eldercare could improve thanks to insulin research "This large-scale study strengthens guidelines recommending adding a basal insulin to oral agents when glycaemic targets are not met."

Dr Jonathan Levy, who worked with Holman, says that beginning with basal insulin and later adding mealtime insulin if necessary is a good approach to treatment.

One of the study's other investigators, Dr Andrew Farmer, said the results of this research might help patients and their care providers decide which form of treatment is the most appropriate. The needs of older persons and young people with diabetes can be different, so tailoring care is sometimes an important part of helping individuals maintain their health.

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