Radiation can cause heart disease and strokes in older persons

Older persons and younger adults who are exposed to radiation could develop heart disease and might be at risk of having a stroke.

Researchers at Imperial College London claim the risk of cardiovascular disease could be higher for people who have been near even low levels of radiation. The results of study these scientists performed are published in a journal entitled PloS Computational Biology.

The discovery the researchers made is consistent with the results of previous studies that involved nuclear workers.

Radiation can cause heart disease and strokes in older persons Cardiovascular disease is reportedly the leading cause of death in certain developed countries, according to the World Health Organization.

Heart disease is responsible for 40 percent of the deaths that occur in U.S., says the Mayo Clinic. Older persons who are concerned about the health of their hearts should know that the right lifestyle choices can make an important difference. The clinic says that eating right and exercising is a good way to keep the cardiovascular system functioning properly.

The Imperial College London team says it plans to continue its research, which takes into account the exposure to radiation people experience when getting X-rayed.

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