Retirement living could improve thanks to antibiotic

Older persons who are concerned about the dangers of having a stroke might be interested to know that the antibiotic minocycline could change the way such emergencies are handled.

The journal BMC Neuroscience recently published the results of a study that suggest minocycline might help seniors avoid suffering severe strokes.

"To date, the thrombolytic agent tPA is the only effective drug for acute ischemic stroke; however, only about 2 percent of ischemic stroke patients benefit from this treatment due to its limited therapeutic window," said Dr.

Retirement living could improve thanks to antibiotic Cesar Borlongan from the University of South Florida. "There is a desperate need to develop additional neuroprotective strategies."

In the UK, a stroke occurs every five minutes. Strokes account for nearly 10 percent of deaths worldwide. They are caused by clots that prevent blood from circulating to the brain.

After suffering a stroke, individuals could experience side effects such as brain damage. Older persons who smoke, have high cholesterol or high blood pressure are more likely to have a stroke, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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