Budget cuts could affect retirement living in California

California's fiscal crisis might have a negative impact on retirement living, as thousands of seniors could reportedly lose at least some of their supportive care.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research says the budget cuts that went into effect on October 1 are an unfortunate development for older persons.

"Our research finds that the state cuts to long-term care services are driven primarily by a quest for saving dollars that disregards the human impact of the results," said the associate director of UCLA's center Steven Wallace.

Budget cuts could affect retirement living in California "These kinds of cuts hit our most vulnerable citizens: seniors with disabilities and low incomes who typically have no resources to fall back on and little in the way of additional family support."

Among the seniors who might feel the effects of these cuts are individuals with Alzheimer's disease. Their day care resource centers will lose all state funding.

The cuts are expected to save the state of California approximately $500 million over the longterm. Wallace believes they will ultimately have a costly effect because they could force seniors into relying on Medi-Cal supported nursing homes.

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