Retirement living budgets often include funding charity efforts

A new survey from Hartford Financial Services finds that the extra time afforded by retirement living conditions has enabled seniors to donate both time and money to volunteer efforts.

More boomers over 50 find it easier to provide funds to charities in spite of some being on fixed incomes, with three-quarters of surve

Retirement living budgets often include funding charity efforts y participants reporting that they wrote checks to causes they supported compared to just over half who donated their time as volunteers.

Younger generations are less likely to spend their time or income for charitable causes, with roughly 10 percent less volunteerism and 10 percent fewer reports of giving to various organizations.

The organizations that retirement living community residents prefer include veteran support groups like the VFW or American Legion, efforts to combat Alzheimer's disease and environmental programs.

"In celebration of [25 years of special auto and home insurance programs], we wanted to do something special for some of our first, most loyal customers and the causes they support," said Michael Concannon, The Hartford senior vice president.

The 25 members who have been with the company the longest will be able to choose a charity for the financial services firm to gift $1,000 in contributions.

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