Prescription medication usage worries UK pharmacists

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is urging residents of independent living schemes and other older persons to consider consulting with a local pharmacist about the effects of taking increasingly higher numbers of medications.

"It's not unusual for older people to get confused with the medicine they are taking, particularly when they are on numerous types of medication," said Paul Johnson, a spokesman for the society.

Prescription medication usage worries UK pharmacists "As a result, they may also not realise the reactions they may be causing when they are not used properly."

A survey conducted by the organization found that 60 percent of aging Britons believe they have experienced an adverse effect from one of their medications, and one-fifth of that group did not report the event to a pharmacist.

In retirement living, the data collected by the Society also showed that older persons are increasingly confused about dosage instructions and the reasons they are prescribed various treatments. The pharmacists say that's a cause for concern, given that 40 percent take more than five prescriptions at one time.

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