Alzheimer's care tools help patients from being lost

A new tool could help Alzheimer's patients in Canada stay safe by allowing caregivers and families access to their locations through the use of a GPS monitoring device.

Small enough to fit on clothing accessories, patients who wander off will have their positions noted on a secure online portal accessible via a P

Alzheimer's care tools help patients from being lost DA or an internet-enabled computer, allowing their Alzheimer's care facilities to quickly prevent residents from harming themselves, according to a Sun Media repot.

Other options include bracelets that allow public safety officials to verify a patient's identity through an online database if they come across a confused senior citizen, reported the news provider.

While a recent global symposium on the degenerative condition has called for further research, items that improve the care of patients now will remain important as pharmaceutical companies struggle to develop treatments and preventive measures for the disease.

Abbott Laboratories reportedly stopped an initial clinical trial of a drug in development because it was ineffective, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Similar questions surround Dimebon, a treatment that was presented at the international Alzheimer's conference because it delays the onset of dementia but increases levels of a toxic protein in animal tests, reported Reuters.

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