Students spend time with older citizens

Seniors in retirement or active living facilities can still find ways to remain connected to the local community through various outreach or teaching programs.

Two programs in California and Maine in particular give older citizens and school-age children the chance to get together and share experiences and both gr

Students spend time with older citizens oups reportedly learn a great deal in the process.

The Sag Harbor Express states that local children at the Bridgehampton middle school and the elderly at the town's senior center participate in many activities together - events that started from seniors offering to come and read or speak with preschool-age children.

Now the groups come together for an annual luncheon, and the older children are helping out with gardening maintenance at the senior center, while seniors still read to the younger children.

Across the country, the Kingsburg Recorder reveals that in California, Rafer Johnson high school students have been making quilts for seniors at the local center.

Different students have been quilting for the older citizens for the past 10 years, and it gives both groups the chance to interact with and learn from each other.

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