Fresh produce at a discount for seniors

Whether in active living or retirement living situations, many seniors are still able to enjoy cooking for themselves.

To allow those on a budget to take advantage of the summer's best produce offerings, officials in select counties in Pennsylvania and California are offering coupons to older residents.

The coupons are redeemable at local farmers markets, allowing senior citizens money off fruits and vegetables.

Fresh produce at a discount for seniors In Lackawanna County, Pennsylvanis the elderly received four vouchers for $5 each, local news provider Channel 16 reports.

"[S]ome seniors say that this is the only time they get fresh produce. They usually buy frozen or canned," senior services center director Naomi Harris told the station. Seniors mainly collect their vouchers from the center at which Harris is employed.

Similarly, older residents in Stanislaus County, California received $20 in coupons to buy the farmer's market wares, according to the Patterson Irrigator.

In California, the vouchers are handed out to those who meet certain economic and need-based requirements.

In addition to the market, musicians are also on hand to provide entertainment to the seniors as they shop, the news wire reports.

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