Older people can stay healthy, if they watch alcohol intake

The Bristol-based charity St. Monica Trust recently conducted an investigation into old persons' use of alcohol and whether too many elderly imbibe a little bit too often.

Some are concerned that alcohol abuse may be more common in the older population and that skilled nursing care may be necessary for those with problems.

Yet professor Moira Plant wants to reassure families that this does not seem to be a huge problem, rather (that) the elderly are more at risk for physical and health complications that may result in long term damage and extra care.

"Most older people do not drink heavily or harmfully and drinking in a controlled and responsible way is good for health and social interaction," she says, "but what we are dealing with here is a problem that is certainly growing, but whose magnitude remains unclear."

Older citizens can follow Plant's guidelines and drink responsibly, like other members of the population.

Older people can stay healthy, if they watch alcohol intake However some elderly residents might also want to rethink their diet and incorporate healthy foods for optimal functioning.

The Guardian suggests that older persons reduce salt intake, but remember to eat a wide variety of foods, including fibre and vitamin D-rich edibles such as oily fish or eggs.

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