A new reason to eat more fruits and veggies

While the health benefits of eating greens has always been apparent, a new book outlines how fresh produce may help the body in a new way.

Seniors in active living environments have the opportunity to try a range of physical challenges, but some may worry about osteoporosis or brittle bones.

Now, older Americans who suffer from this condition might want to consider eating low-acid foods as the body may take the alkaline calcium from the bones in order to neutralize acids in the blood.

This means that dairy may not be the best way to keep bones strong, but fruits and vegetables with their high alkaline content may help save bone density.

"Fruits and vegetables keep calcium in bone where it belongs," explains assistant health and wellness professor Amy Lanou.

On top of increasing produce intake, seniors can also benefit from exercise - a sentiment that can be good news to older individuals in independent or active living communities.

Landou suggest that even light activity such as walking a few times a week can have significant health benefits and help bones become stronger.

A new reason to eat more fruits and veggies

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