House of Commons to receive retirement living advocates

Older people from around the country will descend upon Parliament next week to demonstrate and call for legislation designed to improve the quality of retirement living.

"The numbers of older people not meeting the criteria for social care is rising and far too many people are forced to soldier on without the care

House of Commons to receive retirement living advocates they need, slowly stripping away their dignity and independence," said Hilary MacDonald, CEO of the Norfolk chapter of Age Concern, a charity that advocates for older people in the UK.

Hundreds of attendees are expected to come, the organization said, including 10 from the Norfolk area including older people and their families to discuss their concerns with MPs about the government systems in place to help provide for the care of retired Britons.

The individual stories, Age Concern says, may provide a more clear picture to Parliament about the effects of their policies, including funding concerns and the length of time required for some social service assessments.

Others may voice their opinions in the form of votes, as European Parliament elections continue through Sunday along with local council elections for roughly 2,300 seats, according to the Associated Press.

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