Geriatrics is a wide open career, doctor tells students

As the number of Americans over the age of 65 increases, one doctor says medical students should be looking at the rapidly growing field to help address the needs of those in assisted living facilities and to help seniors receive more and better care.

Dr Marie Bernard, National Institute on Aging deputy director to

Geriatrics is a wide open career, doctor tells students ld students and faculty that her agency is doing a large amount of research to improve care for older Americans, but "We don’t have enough providers, such as nurses, doctors and pharmacists” in geriatrics for the coming growth of our field."

While she did list benefits such as the large need for more health care professionals, she also told the attendees that they would benefit as well: geriatric physicians are in the middle of the salary range for doctors, and their workplace satisfaction ranks near the top.

Bernard also said that with 80 percent of senior citizens battling a chronic disease, more providers could help improve care by bringing up the numbers of options for seniors who may need medical services.

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