Prom comes again for seniors with a spring in their step

Springtime generally means long, flowing gowns and tuxedos as promgoers dance to the basslines of today's pop music, but some older folks who have been able to remain in independent living situations are checking tuxedo rental shops and getting their hair done up as well.

Some high schools in America are putting on events this year that span generations, giving proms that allow retired people the same experience as their younger counterparts.

Prom comes again for seniors with a spring in their step

In Bristol, Connecticut, Central High School students recently shared the floor with those who may have graduated decades ago, and even some dances, according to the Bristol Press.

"They have lived so much more than we have," student Lorraine Wright told the news provider. "At first it’s like an eighth grade dance where everyone is shy, but after awhile, they start to socialize."

At other schools, the seniors get their own time to shine like residents of an assisted living facility in Villa Guadalupe in New Mexico who were paired with students who had already attended the school's regular prom, according to the Associated Press.

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