Politically active seniors want help with rising cost of living

Recent demonstrations show that as the number of those turning to retirement living increases, they can still remind politicians that they have a vote and should have a say in how their taxes should be used.

In Gennesee Township, Michigan, more than 2,000 older Americans came out to Senior Power Day, an event that includes petitions to be signed in support of aged care programs as well as a show of just how powerful the senior vote can be when combined, reported the Flint Journal.

Politically active seniors want help with rising cost of living

"It's a way for celebrating seniors and celebrating veterans," Kathryn Boles, Valley Area Agency on Aging executive director, told the news provider as seniors walked around the event which included different tents and booths while honoring those who served in the armed forces.

Perhaps the largest advocacy group for those over 50, the AARP recently put its efforts towards a local problem in Vermont, according to the Associated Press.

In asking for a 25 percent reduction on electric bills for those making less than $17,000 per year, Philene Taormina, AARP Vermont advocacy director, told the state public service board that it would help about 20 percent of seniors in Vermont, according to the news provider.

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