Friends forever. Savings today.

Companion Living brings together two residents to share a suite. The bond that develops between roommates as they share recollections and pursue activities together can significantly improve their outlook on life by relieving feelings of isolation and depression and building confidence and self-worth. At the same time, Companion Living offers savings over a single occupancy suite.

Seniors and their families when first presented with the option are sometimes hesitant. Oh, mom could never live with someone. But, once they speak with those enjoying Companion Living, they have much more peace of mind. Some of the things often shared by families taking advantage of Companion Living include:

  • Mom seems much more talkative, and happy to have a new best friend.
  • The two of them are always looking out for each other. Dad is sometimes forgetful. Harry helps keep him on his toes.
  • I enjoy having afternoon tea and playing cards in the room with the girls. My roommate loves to host the weekly get-togethers with me.

In Companion Living, seniors enjoy all the resident-centered services in the approach to assisted living, as well as the financial benefits of sharing a suite. It offers greater peace of mind and more financial flexibility.