Seniors may be more knowledgeable about traffic laws

Seniors who buckle up and get behind the wheel may know more about the rules of the road and maintaining safe habits when leaving an active living community than some of their younger peers, according to a new survey.

When vehicles come to rest at a four-way stop, drivers may be confused about who has the right of way.

Seniors may be more knowledgeable about traffic laws

In Washington, the correct answer is the person on the right, and 96 percent of the people over the age of 55 were able to tell researchers that, according to PEMCO insurance.

While waving other people through is a courteous thing, the issue of "letting several cars go out-of-turn seems harmless enough, but sometimes overly courteous behavior causes traffic congestion," said Jon Osterberg, PEMCO spokesperson.

The older drivers may have beaten their younger counterparts by about 12 percent, but the study revealed that many drivers across all age groups did not know that two maneuvers were legal.

Taking a right hand turn if a person entering an intersection in the opposite direction is going straight is acceptable, but one-third of drivers were not aware of that, according to the study.

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